Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Criminal Elite

Over a year ago I Fat Bastardo posted the following on Bigger Fatter Blog but since the corporate thugs at Google decided to de-index Bigger Fatter Blog I thought maybe it would be a good idea to share that post here.

Commands That Dictate

The following is a poem as I composed using Dragon naturally speaking. NaturallySpeaking (a bit of a resource hog oink oink) is a speech recognition program by a company called Nuance. The program tries to anticipate the meaning of what you're saying as it recognizes the sound of certain words but with English having so many palindromes tends to make some errors some of those errors come out is silly nonsensical things at other times they come out as things that sound very profound. Language can be a tricky thing that's difficult to master. If you have this program and you want to get creative mumble and slur your words when you're speaking and then read what it wrote it can really be quite interesting and if you are up writer it will help to ignite your creativity in ways you never thought possible.

Commands That Dictate by Fat Bastardo

Including commands use and dictate
Working hard in an enemy state
I grew up in mansion sterile
Now running with the people feral.

Don't try them if they can't be beat
Those members of the power elite 
Bastions of the human greed
Creators of the sullied seed

We collect can make a move
Rebuke reproach chide reprove
But not enough precise instruction
Leading to their swift destruction

Read more about the criminal elite at The Venus Project Foundation
Who are the Criminal Elite?

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