Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jennifer Livingston Another Whining Fat Girl

Jennifer About to Have a Massive Foodgasm!

People are still opining on this!

The growth of this "fat acceptance" culture in America leaves me legitimately confused. Not only are we expected to treat obese people with respect and never urge them to lose weight, but somehow we should welcome fat people into our standards of what's socially acceptable and beautiful. What kind of idiot believes people should reform standard sof beauty to accept obese or fat people? Humans inherently view slimness as ideal--it's a sign of health, hygiene, and to some extent intelligence. Obesity is an abnormal lifestyle that exists due to excess; it's not natural and never should be treated as such.
That whole debacle over that fat news reporter getting infuriated over some guy telling her to lose weight in the most kind, gentle terms really brought this all full circle. Link here. This guy never called the reporter "fat", "obese", or "overweight" directly; he never attacked her for her weight; he never made his comments public (they were in a private f*cking e-mail, and she CHOSE to make his comment public in an attempt to garner sympathy). All he did was encourage and try to motivate her to lose weight to promote a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle EVERYONE should aspire to adopt. What we saw was this woman berate him like some sort of bully, misrepresent what he said in the crudest of fashions, and then cry crocodile tears as the public and media rallied behind her. It was pathetic.
I just wish fat people would realize their lifestyle isn't healthy, isn't sustainable, isn't ideal, and isn't admirable; there is no reason to respect an obese lifestyle when it's immoral and dangerous.
Fat Bastardo weighs in:
This is what set the angry fat girl off and caused her journalistic stampede like a herd of angry NAAFA sows on their way to an all you can eat buffet.

I am in agreement with most of the above. Jennifer Livingston is not only a whiny fat girl but she is also intellectually dishonest which is why the fat accetptance movemet has stalled and otherwise failed miserably in Bill Fabrey's dream of AIDING FAT PEOPLE! Had Jennifer Livingston been honest she not only would not apologized for her sized but celebrated her gluttony and proclaimed that GLUTTONY IS GOOD! Instead Jennifer Livingston cried lied and denied and attacked this thinling man like she was an enraged hippo defending her calf. Once again, Ms Livingston like other fat girls set fat and gluttony promotion back another 10 years. This is just one more example of how fat feminism is fucking things up for fatlings everywhere.
Obesity is more than aesthetics. It's an indicator of a dangerous and disgusting lifestyle. It tells a person that you let immediate gratification dictate your life choices.
Fat Bastardo weighs in:
Here is where I take umbrage. While gluttony is a lifestyle choice and has it's dangers it is not a "disgusting" lifestyle. Gluttony is a great lifestyle. While the fat girls who ruined fat acceptance with chant, "Fat by Nature Proud by Choice those of us in the TRUE FA movement proclaim, PROUD by Nature and FAT by Choice. We can be any size we want and WE CHOOSE FAT. If fat girls like Jennifer can't handle the fat then they need to stop being fat!
Cute. Losing weight is easy. There's nothing self-righteous or egotistical about wanting people to either get in shape or realize they have a problem and stop lobbying for society to accept their laziness.
Fat Bastardo weighs in:
We fatlings are the overwhelming majority. We are society. We make the rules and we set the norms. Thinlings don't dictate to us, WE dictate to them not the other way around! Losing weight is easy but gaining it is fun. We are large and in charge!
I am thrilled that fatlings are the majority and dictating the ideal lifestyle, regardless of it being a lifestyle that is unsustainable, toxic, and guaranteed to lead you to reduced life expectancy. This is a brilliant proposition for advancing society. I am stunned by how incredibly ingenious it is to say "fuck it" and sit by the wayside while obesity skyrockets in the U.S. OINK!
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  1. She'd be hot if she'd lose 60 pounds but her fattitude won't allow that.

  2. She got a pretty face but it's not the face you fuck it's the fuck you face. Give me a skinny butter face any day!

    1. It most certainly is the fuck you face. When a fat girls gets carried away and they start riding you hard they can really fuck you up.


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