Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thigh Gap vs Thunder Thighs

Real Women Have Thigh Gaps

We all have heard angry jealous fat girls saying, "Real women have curves."  when confronted with the reality that they are fat or obese. Their maniacal hatred for skinny women and their delusional nature makes them inclined to say such dishonest and stupid shit. The thigh gap is a sign of good reproductive health and good stewardship of their bodies.

Thunder thighs are never a good thing. 

1. They chafe.

2. They bleed

3. They trap moisture

4. They perpetuate yeast infections

5. They destroy slacks and pantyhose.

6. Burnt hair.



Fat Thighs = BIG Yeast Infections

Thigh grease!

For decades firefighters have used door grease to extricate super morbidly obese fatlings from their homes and apartments. Clever fatties have applied the professional version of door grease to their thunder thighs. Today the same formula used in door grease is now available for inner thigh use and pillow arms.

More real women! If you think she's better than you fat girl it's because she is!

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  1. Skinny women are smokin hot!
    Nasty fat girls are NOT!


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