Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thom Tillis Sex Scandal

A report in the News & Observer story from April 2012 that questioned Charles Thomas, Tillis’ chief of staff, about an extramarital affair with a lobbyist from the home builders association. Thomas, a former Asheville lawmaker, immediately resigned. So what does Tillis do? He hires another whore of ill repute and then paid the whores. 
Tillis and Thomas shared an apartment in Raleigh, but Tillis said he knew nothing about the affair. The speaker later gave Thomas and another staffer, Amy Hobbs, who also resigned for an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist, a combined $19,333 as severance pay. At the time, Tillis defended the payments as part of the “human side” that takes into account the families affected.
Thom Tillis is spending North Carolina taxpayer money to clean up his mess and cover his ass. These two whore deserved nothing. They both broke that law with their illegal behavior with lobbyists but Tillis saw fit to reward them for violating the public trust. But what is the real reason for him buying them off. I think it is because Tillis was also in on the sex parties.

Looks to me like at best Tillis has horrible judgement but seeing as how he's a corrupt politician he was probably cheating on his spouse same as Charles Thomas and Amy Hobbs. 

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