Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ben Carson and Reality

Delusional people are also dangerous.

These people and history would disagree Dr Ben Crazy.

Ruben Stacy Lyinched At  White Family's Picnic

Wish it was you Carson instead if these innocent men.

Jesse Washington, a teenage African-American farmhand, was lynched in Waco, Texas, on May 15, 1916, in what became a well-known example of racially motivated lynching.

At around midnight on May 24, 1911, Laura Nelsonand her son L.D. were kidnapped from their county jail cell in Okemah, Oklahoma. The two were jailed after L.D. shot an officer trying to apprehend them for the investigation of a cow theft.
By some accounts Laura was raped in those wee hours in the jail cell by about 40 men as she tried to protect L.D. from the mob of attackers. Reports also indicate that she had a baby with her as all of this occurred.

4,743. That's how many lynchings took place in the United States across a span of 80 years (1882-1968). 4,743, about one every week for 8 decades. Of those 4,743, 3,446 were black people. 72% of all lynching happened to blacks in America.

Carson needs to be at the end of rope for many reason not of which are his skin color.

 1910. Allen Brooks was accused of molesting a three-year-old white girl. During the trial, an angry mob stormed the courtroom and took him out and lynched him from a street pole


lynching of Frank Embree, Fayette, Missouri 1899

Postcard of lynching of Virgil Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Jones, and JosephRiley, Russelville, Kentucky, 1908

Ben Carson is either delusional or a high paid sellout for his Republican masters.


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