Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump and His Tramps

By The Chef

Trump be the Mac Daddy and he be pimpin hos nationwide. From time to time a pimp daddy has to bitch slap a ho to keep her in line and now looks like the Donald's bitch slapping  Megyn Kelly back fired! She a feisty. Trump is now in the process of makin Jeff Sessions his bitch.

Hos be flockin to the Trumpster like flies to a dumpster.  Sarah Palin hoed for him and now Ann Coulter been hoin for Trump. Every pimp should have a tranny or two in is his stable. Ann Coulter is now free lance hoin.

This ho ain't for sale! She too feisty even when gets bitch slapped.

The Trumpster got hisself an impressive stable of hos.

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Trump be sizin up this ho!
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His main ho ain't happy be he be "Fuck you bitch!"

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Trump even got hsself some low rent hos!

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Trump samplin his ho Rudi.

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Trump got a white trash ho for the rednecks!

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Karen McDougal a high rent ho of the late Hugh Hefner

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Stormy Daniels, another fine ho!

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Some clients like fat ugly hos and Trump, he got em!

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The mother of Beavis. Some clients like it doggie style with a real ho dog!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Caught Lying About Losing His Health Insurance

Not since Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have we seen a more prolific liar than Canadian born Ted Cruz. It's too bad that liar Ted did not take a 100 mph hockey puck to his lying throat because had that happened we would not have to spend half our lives fact checking this criminal.

Ted Cruz’s recent claim in New Hampshire that he does not have health insurance has been revealed to be a complete and total lie. It turns out that Cruz and his family have always had coverage.

While campaigning in New Hampshire on Thursday, Sen. Cruz claimed that he was currently without health insurance, “You know who one of those millions of Americans who’s lost their health care because of Obamacare? That would be me. I don’t have health care right now. I had purchased an individual policy, and Blue Cross Blue Shield canceled all their individual policies in the state of Texas effective December 31st. So our health care got canceled. We got a notice in the mail. Blue Cross Blue Shield was leaving the market.”
His didn’t make sense because people don’t get only a single letter in the mail and dropped. What Cruz was describing did not sound real because it wasn’t.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Cruz campaign was forced to admit that he had been moved to another plan:

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said Friday that Mr. Cruz’s insurance broker had told him that he lost his health coverage when his Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas preferred provider organization or PPO, policy terminated on Dec. 31.
But Mr. Cruz had in fact been automatically enrolled by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas in another, narrower-network “health maintenance organization” plan that kept him covered in January.

Customers don’t get one letter and dropped. If the customer does not pick a new plan in the marketplace, their insurance provider moves them to a new plan automatically.
Like most Republicans, Cruz has to lie to attack the Affordable Care Act. Since the law is working, the GOP has to lie and invent dire circumstances to paint a picture of failure.

The truth about Ted Cruz’s health insurance situation makes the case for Obamacare. Cruz was not tossed off of his insurance. He was not left uninsured. Unlike the old system, his insurance company didn’t get to drop him and say sorry about your luck.

Ted Cruz has no conscience. He will lie about anything if he thinks it will help get elected president. The problem with Cruz’s lie about Obamacare is that it proves that the law is working.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Islam and Liberal Hypocrisy

No other ism including Fascism, Nazism of Communism is as evil or caused as much carnage as Mohammadism aka Islam. In spite of that undeniable reality the defense of Islam and or the lack of condemnation by American liberals is IMHO nearly as evil as Islam itself. 

Muslims committed  The Biggest Holocaust in World History - Killing 80 - 90 MILLION Hundus. 

Let's start with women since feminist Liberal simpletons seem to make this BS cause one of there priorities. The historical and ongoing genocide against and the subjugation of women by Muslims throughout the world and throughout history is undeniable, yet Liberals have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to it. Why?

Does Islam have any redeeming values? Name some. While Jews were working for their 193 Nobel prizes, Muslims since 911 have committed nearly 30,000 terrorist attacks worldwide. Note: There are less than 14 million Jews on earth and 1.8 billion Muslims. 

I have a question for you liberals. WTF is wrong with you?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Marco Rubio's Many Lies

Before there was zero tolerance in schools when it came to schoolyard fights, punk bitches like Marco Rubio got their punk bitch asses kicked. A beat down or two was usually enough to teach them some much needed humility and honor.  Marco Rubio is a punk ass bitch weasel who will not tell the truth and back in the day when schools didn't make a federal case out of a school fight punks like Marco Rubio got the shit beaten out of when the need arose. At my school Marco would have gotten his teeth knocked down his lying throat had punk him not worked. At my school a slacker like Marco Rubio would never even have graduated because back then anyone who was absent one third of the time would not have been allowed to graduate. 

52 Lies of Marco Rubio: 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Two More Tea Party Republicans Caught In A Sex Scandal

By now it's pretty clear that the most depraved human beings on earth are Republicans and the further to the right they are the greater their depravity. If they are not molesting children they are cheating on their spouses.

Michigan Lawmakers Caught in Extramarital Affair Cover-Up and Aides Who Exposed Them Speak Out

It was late at night on May 19, 2015, when Ben Graham got a strange phone call from his boss, then-Michigan State Representative Todd Courser, asking him to come to his law office in Lapeer, Michigan, as soon as possible. Can you come to my office?'" Graham continued. Before heading out, Graham…
ABC News

Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser were Tea Party darlings from conservative districts when they were elected to the Michigan State House of Representatives in November 2014. When the two Republican freshman reps took office on Jan. 2, 2015, they allied themselves. They combined staffs and worked out of the same office, and were said to go after just about everyone in the House, even those in their own party and the state's Republican governor.
TIMELINE: Inside Michigan State Representative's Attempt to Cover-Up Secret Affair With a Fake Sex Scandal
"They did not form relationships with their colleagues except for each other," said Keith Allard, a former Gamrat staffer. "Todd actually kind of declared public warfare on his colleagues, I mean, just putting out missives, trashing them left and right."
By spring 2015, the duo had alienated most of their House colleagues.
At the time Courser and Gamrat took office, Courser had been married to his wife Fon, an immigrant from Thailand, for 18 years and Gamrat married her high school sweetheart, Joe Gamrat. Courser has four children and Gamrat has three.
While in office, the two lawmakers grew close. After late-night sessions at the State House in Lansing, the two would at times spend the night at the Radisson Hotel downtown instead of making the long drive home. The aides said Courser and Gamrat routinely shrugged off questions about how much time they spent together.
"One member of our staff said to them ... 'you need to consider the optics of the situation and how much time you're spending together, the late nights in Lansing'" Allard said. "They laughed it off. They just -- it was a joke to them."
However, it turns out that Courser and Gamrat actually were involved in a love affair, despite their Christian and traditional family values beliefs.
Courser acknowledged to "20/20" that he could be viewed as a hypocrite. "Everybody would hear that I'm a believer in Christ," Courser said. "They wouldn't hear the part that I'm failed and flawed, you know, like everybody else."
The affair continued into May, when Courser said he began receiving a series of anonymous text messages threatening to expose Courser's affair with Gamrat, saying things like, "Cindy sounds like she's great in the sheets," and "Silence in this case can be VERY detrimental ... it could be disastrous, really." Courser said the texter made references to details from Courser's private phone calls and his trips. The texter had even told him his "phone was a burner" so "don't bother trying" to track it.
"They knew my emails out of my outbox, even after I changed my password," Courser said. "They knew texts from my phone."
Then the texter had told Courser he would keep quiet about their affair and "everybody off the hook ... on 1 condition. You resign Todd."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Palin Family Values Are Republican Values

Claims her woman beating son has PTSD. Gives him access to guns anyway. - Claims Son has PTSD Allows him access to guns anyway

Claims her woman beating son has PTSD. Gives him access to guns anyway. - Claim: My son Track has PTSD Gave him access to guns anyway Blames Obama Track Palin

Track Palin is Sarah Palin's son, known for getting into trouble. Track was an Army Reservist and performed a tour of duty in Iraq in 2008, receiving the accolades of his commanding officer as a good soldier. [+] Track's childhood friend Jeremy Morlock was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering unarmed Afghan civilians and taking photos with the corpses as if he was hunting (an incident known as the "Maywand Murders"). [+]

In 2012, Track married a woman named Britta, who gave birth 3 months after the wedding. They were divorced after 18 months, with Track keeping all of the guns and Britta getting full custody of the Baby. [+]

In a 2014 drunken Palin family brawl, Track was the most injured, suffering a bloody mouth and injured elbow. [+]  In 2016, hours after Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President, Track was arrested for drunken assault of a woman in Alaska. It seems to have been a case of domestic violence. Track also brandished an AR-15 assault rifle when cops showed up. Had Track been Black the cops would have killed him and the shooting would have been justified. Track Palin is an angry and violent drunk. He should have been killed on the spot. 

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin is Sarah Palin's trampy hypocrite of a daughter who has also been involved in drunken violent brawls. Bristol has also been knocked up twice. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.Palin has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars as an abstinence-only advocate. 

This depravity does not stop with the Palins. Both Jenna and Barbara Bush have been arrested and Jeb's kids are even worse.

UPDATE: Track Palin was NOT a Combat Vet

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm With Stupid: Daily News Headline

There is a new way to spell depravity and it's R E P U B L I C AN. Half term governor Sarah Palin has just endorsed Donald Trump. As we know all of Jeb and George W Bush's kids have been arrested, Rand Paul's son was arrested twice, Ben Carson broke the law and violated the Hippocratic oath in his dealings with Mannatech, Ted Cruz took illegal money from Goldman Sachs. As you can see Republicans are quite depraved and lawless and their base is even worse.

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump is interesting. Sarah's daughter Bristol has managed to get herself knocked up twice and now we find out Sarah Palin's son arrested for domestic violence at Alaska home.  More depravity from Republicans rears it's ugly head. I must ask what the Daily News headline really means. Does it mean that Trump is stupid for accepting and endorsement from a depraved slut like Sarah Palin? We all know that Sarah Palin in dumber than a box of rocks so does it mean that Trump is with "stupid"? I think it means that the both are stupid. Palin is just stupid and Trump is stupid for excepting her endorsement. Is he really stupid for accepting her endorsement? I think not because there is one thing even more stupid and more depraved than Sarah Palin and that is the Republican voter.

Cercivore Clincal Trial Crimes At Stryker Medical

 There is an attempt to keep this out of mainstream media.. Please get this article out everywhere you can post it.

When it comes to crime corporate crime outpaces street crime by a country mile and when it comes to corporate crime one generally thinks of the financial industry. While financial industry crime is rampant it pales in comparison to medical industry crime. If they were giving out Olympic medals for corporate crime the medical industry would win the gold, silver and bronze. Generally when one thinks about medical crime they think about, billing fraud and big pharma bribing the FDA. As serious as those crimes are we mustn't forget the medical device industry and perhaps the biggest gangster in the medical industry is Stryker Medical. Stryker has committed many criminal acts but one of their most egregious that cause the most grievous injuries was the illegal Cervicore clinical trial in which while colluding with the FDA Stryker knowingly implanted the the dangerous Cervicore into the cervical spines of 250 test subjects many of whom are dying slow and agonizing deaths from metal poisoning. Sadly for these victims, because  this is considered a experimental device no other surgeon has the courage to remove it for fear of reprisals from the goon squads or golden handcuffs at Stryker Medical.

I think what worries the gang at Stryker is not criminal fines or a lawsuit. Corporate gangsters buy their way out of prison all the time but in this case I suspect that the criminals at Stryker are worried about criminal prosecution because lawyers for the victims have strong evidence that Stryker and it clinical investigators were aware that the Cervicore disk implant had not received approval as an experimental device.

Stryker Medical's Long And Bloody History Of Criminal Misconduct

    Otismed Corporation And Former CEO Plead Guilty To ...

    United States Department of Justice
    Dec 8, 2014 - Corporation to Pay More than $80 Million to Resolve Criminal and Civil... criminal conduct, and was later acquired by Stryker Corp., a medical  ...

    Stryker Gets Non Prosecution Agreement in FDA Criminal ...

    Dec 8, 2014 - Stryker Gets Non Prosecution Agreement in FDA Criminal Case ...Stryker, OtisMed's parent corporation, cooperated with the government with  ...

    Former head of Stryker Corp. subsidiary pleads guilty to fraud

    The Record
    Dec 8, 2014 - The former head of a Stryker Corp. subsidiary pleaded guilty Monday to ... was bought by Stryker, the medical device maker, in 2009, after the fraudulent ...Stryker's OtisMed unit agreed to pay $80 million in criminal and civil  ...

    Bigger Fatter Politics: Stryker Medical Crimes

    Aug 20, 2015 - Stryker Spine Faces More Lawsuits. Stryker Corp. (NYSE:SYK) is fielding legal challenges on two fronts, one from a former distributor and ...

    June 26, 2015: Former OtisMed CEO Sentenced for Selling ...

    Food and Drug Administration
    Jun 26, 2015 - The former president and CEO of OtisMed Corporation was ... Strykeracquired the company after the criminal conduct for which he was  ...

    Former CEO of Stryker subsidiary sentenced to two years in ... › ... › Medical Devices

    Modern Healthcare
    Jun 26, 2015 - A former CEO of a Stryker Corp. subsidiary was sentenced to two years in ... and that OtisMed's criminal conduct happened before Stryker acquired it and without Stryker's knowledge. ... Tags: Medical Devices, Technology  ...

    Stryker faces major fines over a subsidiary's past ... › ... › Medical Devices

    Modern Healthcare
    Dec 8, 2014 - Stryker Corp. is facing stiff penalties, including $80 million in fines and ...that OtisMed's criminal conduct 'occurred prior to Stryker's acquisition of ... led to believe by the FDA that the devices were Class 1 medical devices that  ...

    Stryker Biotech spars with prosecutors over criminal charges ...

    Nov 12, 2010 - The indictment also charges that Stryker and Philip lied to the FDA about the ... the government agency that regulated Stryker Biotech's medical ...

    Pharmaceutical Criminal Liability: Continuing Risks for ...

    Apr 23, 2012 - Pharmaceutical Criminal Liability: Continuing Risks for Executives and a case involving the off-label promotion of Stryker's Biotech medical  ...

    Stryker pleads guilty to selling unapproved devices, to pay ...

    Dec 8, 2014 - Medical device maker Stryker Corp will pay the U.S. government $80 million to settle criminal and civil charges that its OtisMed Corp subsidiary ...

This is why I need I need my readers to send this out to everyone you know including and especially members of Congress... Please. I will give you more details later.

This is the mirror article: