Saturday, June 25, 2011

Angry Fat Wife Fights Back!

Rhonda Rotundi fights back for the whole world to see on the EVIL My Fat Spouse forum. She left the following message on their forum and it will be about as welcome and a turd in a swimming pool.
Rhonda Rotundi who is known in fat acceptance circles as Proud Plumpette

Hello there. My name is Rhonda. My hub calls me Raunchy Rhonnie because I gave the nastiest farts and jokes he's ever smelled or heard.

I am the fat spouse of a very bitter man. Instead of getting a divorce he cheats and he talks smack about me to the kids.

My aim is to get fatter and piss him off more!
This guy is a tool. Hell, he's a whole tool shed. I'm gonna get so fat, he'll have to have two divorces; one to me, one to the belly.

I am proud to gain the pounds, and this My Fat Spoues site is a load of horse shit.
Most fat people don't wanna lose weight because they like food. DUH. They love food. And yes, they love it more than their families. Trying to make your spouse lose weight is not only shallow and cruel, but it's also beating a dead horses shit, that came from a dead horse that was covered in shit.
You guys are assholes. I'm gonna gain weight, and I'm here to tell all the other fat spouses in the house to pack on the pounds and stick it to the man. Or woman. You know, whichever you're married to. If they can't act like a decent, civil human being to someone who measures up as more that one, than they don't deserve a normal sized spouse!

I would like my readers to know that Rhonda AKA Proud Plumpette has struck a blow for fat spouses and gluttons everywhere. I would love to see her give Jillian Michaels an MeMe Roth a good fat girl style chewing out as only a fat feminist can!
Fat Feminist brandishing her most effective weapon!

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  1. Angry fat dykes take no prisoners!


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