Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fattitude and Republican Pedophilia: It's Everywhere!
Walmart needs to provide scooters for fat kids too!
BBW cools sexy underbelly while buying favorite cheese.
Into you tent I'll creep for a drink.
Uncompromising fattitude!
Revving up fattitude!
Kiss all our fat asses!
This graphic has nothing to do with fattitude other than their fat elephant. It galls me that this noble beast is the symbol for such a despicable organization. While Republicans stand for greed and gluttony in many ways their baby raping ways make them the scourge of politics and humans of all sizes. That's why I don't vote for them. This really hit home after getting to know to stellar fatlings. One is a guy named TJ aka the Amazing Atheist on You Tube and the other is our own "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear of the genius The Biggest Fattest Blog. Both of these fine fatlings were victims of Republican pedophiles.

For quite sometime the GOP has had an epidemic of baby raping.

GOP Pedophile LINKS:





Republican NAMBLA pedophile social club

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  1. Republicans are a vile bunch of perverts.


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