Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Obesity And Gluttony Is Good For The Economy

Here are some of the top reasons for why gluttony and obesity is GOOD for the economy.

We fatlings are the biggest consumers of food!

We fatling eat more -- A LOT MORE. we are 73% of the population and we eat 90% of the food. If we were to all eat at the levels of thinglings food consumption in the US would be cut by at least 70%. This would devastate the junk food industry. If every fatling reformed there would be massive layoffs in the fast food and junk food industry.
We fatlings are the biggest consumers of fuel.

You won't catch any self respecting fatling driving a Toyota Prius or a Smart Car. We drive vans and Escalades. Hell many of us can't fit in some compact puddle jumper and besides fat people like to ride in style.
We fatlings are the biggest consumers of health care.

Without our obesity induced maladies the health care industry be a shadow of what it is today.  Giant diagnostic imaging machines would become obsolete. The manufacturers of bariatric gurneys and beds, diabetes, and C-PAP supplies would see their business shrink are the waistlines of Americans shrink.

Cardiologists and their suppliers would take a huge hit.

Orthopedic surgeons would take a hit. Joint replacement sales would plummet.
Joe the Plumber would become unemployed.

As we fatlings know all too well many double and triple flushers just won't go down the crapper and frequently we need to call Joe the plumber to stop by and work his magic.

Fatlings shit bigger turds and big turds clog toilets. Clogged toilets require the skills of  guys like Joe the Plumber.
The clothing industry would suffer.

If the X-L - 4X-L sizes were to vanish the clothing industry would lose half its jobs. 

The end of obesity would signal a bigger economic collapse since the great depression and the Bush depression combined!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

School Bullying And How To Stop It


School Bullying

Proud FA and I were school mates. There was some bullying when Proud and I were in school but not all that much. Back then kids were allowed to work out their differences and sometimes it would require some fisticuffs and when it came to throwing hands Proud FA was a animal and still is.

Not too many people would fuck with me, Fat Bastard, and nobody would fuck with Proud unless they wanted a knotty hairdo, a busted lip and a concussion. On one particular winter day Proud and I missed the bus so we has to walk home. It was a warm winter day and there was plenty of good packing snow. As luck would have it there was this fucking bully walking ahead of us. He was a new student, a jock who was not aware of Proud's fighting prowess. I, Fat Bastard am a lover not a fighter but that does not mean I don't enjoy watching a good ass kicking so I decided to start some shit with the new bully. He had called me fat ass and blubber gut and Baby Huey. I wanted to kick his ass but I was not sure I could take him. I knew Proud could even though this runk had 4 inches and 40 pounds on Proud and 40 pounds. I bagan tossing snow balls at this fucker and he turned around and told us to knock it off. After he turned back around I packed another slushy snowball and hit this jock in the neck. He turned and I could tell he was really pissed he was about to attack and I said sorry man I won't do it again. He said that if I did he'd kick my fat ass. About a minute later I spied a car turd. A car turd is one of those big fucking brown ice chunks that fall from cars. This car turd was the size of a large coconut. Being a fat bastard and having no impulse control I picked up that icy fucker and fired it at the that mouthy dip shit and it knocked him silly. He was on the attack and not wanting to get pummeled I told him Proud threw it.

His eyes flashed with anger as he dove at Proud shouting, "you die asshole!!!!" The fight was on. For a moment he was on top of Proud but Proud quickly reversed the position and the ass kicking was on. Proud was on top and he shouted, "Fat Bastard, gloves!" With Proud sitting on this dickhead's chest he raised up his arms so that I could remove his gloves and with that Proud's famous fists of fury worked their magic as the beat out drum roll of this punk's face. Within a few seconds the blood was flying as Proud delivered one of his legendary beat downs. His fists connected with trip hammer speed and precision. In less than 30 seconds Proud had beaten this punk into submission and semi consciousness. Then to my surprise he said, "Finish him off Fat Bastard. Do it Earthquake style.

Earthquake was our favorite WWF wrestler at the time so as this punk laid there is a daze I dropped a few Earthquake bombs on him. I cracked a few of his ribs and he missed basketball season but it was a lesson well learned. We sent a message to other bullies. That is how to put an end to school bullying. Beat the shit out of the bullies.



Gun Rights and the Second Amendment

Yeah yeah yeah I get it. people like Ted Nugent are assholes and the NRA is not as much about the the second amendment as they are pimps for gun sales but that does not nor should it negate the 2nd amendment.

I agree with with those who say the the second amendment gives more teeth to the first amendment. President Obama sees it that way too in that he did not sign an assault weapons ban. I think he would like to see the people take out some corporate thugs who have infiltrated our government.
With the current state of this country and the abuse and theft by the banksters and the medical industry charlatans fatlings especially need to arm and lock & load. Because of our size we can better handle the  higher caliber weapons.
Fatling demonstrates the advantage of a stable firing platform!

Red white and blue. These colors don't run, they waddle and I encourage all fatlings to waddle down to their local gun shop and buy some guns and ammo.
Here a hot hefty huntress stalks prey to cook and feed her hungry belly.
Guns, girls and gluttony, how much more American can you get?

This is not longer a left  vs right issue. This is a civil rights issue that should unite the left and the right against a common enemy. Watch this video and you will see what I mean.

Chicks are impressed buy fat guys with guns. We make them feel safe and protected.

Read more from Ted Nugent and Ann the man Coulter

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Glucophage Warning!

Glucophage Is Deadly

By Thomas Smith
December 23, 2002

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently reported that as many as 106,000 deaths occur annually in US hospitals due to adverse reactions to prescription drugs that are properly prescribed by physicians that use them as directed by the drug companies.

Even worse, the National Council for Patient Information and Education reported that an additional 125,000 deaths occur annually due to adverse reactions to drugs that the physician never should have prescribed. In these deaths the doctor did not follow the instructions on proper administration of the drugs. For example, Glucophage, a diabetic oral hypoglycemic, should never be prescribed for patients with Kidney disease or Congestive Heart Failure because it can cause fatal Lactic Acidosis in these patients. A warning label is prominently placed on the medication container to warn of this potential misuse.

However, JAMA reported that almost 1/4 of the patients who had been prescribed Glucophage had Kidney damage or Congestive Heart failure or both.

The annual death toll from synthetic prescription drugs, both from the correctly prescribed and the incorrectly prescribed, amounts to about 231,000 deaths every year. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of a world trade center disaster every week for over a year and a half or the crash of two fully loaded 747 aircraft every day of the year. 

Here is a complete list of Glucophage side effects. LINK One of which is weight loss!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama Wins The Fat Vote Romney Flounders And Insults Fat People

Romney got caught buying votes with food. Sure, trading food for the fat vote works but it is illegal. President Obama is not only talking the talk but he is also walking/waddling the walk.
A beefed up Obama looking more and more presidential!

Anyone can buy food and pass them out to hungry gluttons but President Obama is putting that food where his mouth is and beefing up for the fat vote.  Fatlings respect that and getting fat is legal. Bribing people with food for votes is illegal.
Ronmey also has a smelly pedophile draft dodger problem in the form of has been rocker and chicken hawk  NRA mouth piece Ted Nugent.

Romney's problems with fatlings do not end with his food for votes, dog abuse and his relationship with Ted the draft dodging stinky pedophile draft dodger Nugent he is also facing a cookie gate scandal. Mitt was given some great cookies from a great local bakery an he dissed them. Not only did he diss the baker who is probably a fatling but he dissed all cookie eating fatlings. What a fucking douchebag.
Obama chowing on pizza! Does it get anymore American than that?
Mrs Obama joins him in his fast food feast!

Obama continually puts his food where his mouth is as he packs on the pounds and beefs up for the general election and he does it eating an all American diet. YUMMY!
Romney does not eat food. We at Bigger Fatter Politics would like to thank fellow fatling Newt Gingrich for exposing the money eating job exporting dog abuser Mitt Romney.
Romney eats like a pussy!
Obama eats like a real man!!

Romney never actually puts food in his mouth! Obama feeds his face like a real man! Maybe Romney does not know how to eat real American food. Obama is making short work of this philly cheese steak while Romney pretends to nibble on a fried rat's asshole.

Eating habits can tell you a lot about a person. Obama is not a finicky eater. He is an aggressive eater and he know what he likes and he goes for it. This reflects in his decision making. He didn't pussy foot around about killing  bin Laden or saving the auto industry. He went for it. He's a power eater and Americans admire that.
Obama is ballsy like the honey badger and Romney is a two faced mealy mouthed flip flopping snake and we know what happens when a snake crosses paths with the honey badger.

CG Brady Clobbers Diet Charlatans and Their Politics of Exploiting Fatlings

The following is part of a letter written lambasting a sleazy company and medical group selling HCG injections for weight loss. HCG is a hormone that is supposed to cause weight loss. The problem is, there is no evidence that it works. The truth is it is a scam perpetrated on fatlings who want to but their way thin.  HCG for Weight loss is a SCAM!

 With all due respect...

 MDs should stick to addicting people to drugs and DCs should stick to healing spines.

 You charlatans ignore several things when it comes to weight loss. The first thing you ignore is that none of your hocus pocus works. The other thing you ignore are the laws of physics and then you ignore reality.

 1. If the medical snake oil you sell worked we would not have an obesity epidemic.
 2. The so called SAD (Standard American Diet) diet is the same that people ate in the 70's except not the portions are 40% bigger. A simple accounting of calories will correspond with the increase in the average weight of Americans.

 3. The most the BMR can vary in individuals of the same age weight and gender is 35 calories a day.
 4. The most weight an adult female can maintain on 2000 calories per day is 140 pounds and then she'd have to be in a coma. That is an immutable scientific reality. She can CHOOSE to eat large amounts of nutrient dense foods with the correct amount of protein and fiber or she can pig out. I will not deny that the food industry and the medical industry have a vested interest in getting people fat and "addicted" to junk food but when you understand the psychology of gluttony you will see that most fat people remain blissfully ignorant about basic nutrition and or they feign ignorance. Proposing half baked barely tested theories only salves them and gives them more excuses and mechanisms for denial.

 I don't know what you are selling but it sounds like BS. Medical science today is an oxymoron. Nearly every medical study is biased and often sponsored by big pharma. As you may know the FDA is beyond corrupt and any study that looks into curing obesity is really a search for an expensive and dangerous pill or a justification for butchering a fat person's perfectly health digestive system.

Big people have bigger appetites. That's a no brainer. They get hungrier so they eat more. They fall for that low carb crap, they do OK for 10 days and after their liver is depleted of glycogen and they are entering ketogenic psychosis their brain cells are screaming for carbs. Then they think they are carb addicts. The repeat the induction phase and lose more muscle and then they binge on carbs again. BTW, Atkins died from heart disease and that Agatston got much of the nutrition wrong in his South Beach Diet book. He's also on statin drugs.
 It sounds like you are selling tests and some bullshit pills. What you need to be selling is reality. I could take 30 fatlings, feed them properly and their clinical indicators would return to normal in less than a week and they would lose weight. It's been done time and time again. They don't need a test or a pill.  They need an  adjustment... a fattitude adjustment. I know they are pathetic but that doesn't mean they should be exploited for their ignorance.

The following was CG's response to the claim that PCOS causes obesity.

 It's funny that you mention PCOS as a cause because there are more overweight men than women. That's reality unless gluttonous men are growing ovaries like they are growing man titties.

The following was CG's response to the claim that fructose, grains and MSG are obesogenic. It they were I, Fat Bastard would be promoting them.

 Fructose has a GI of 20.  Wheat has been a staple for 3000 years. MSG has been around and was used more when people were not obese. Use of MSG has been on the decline for decades.

I hope you are now debunked. Stop being such  charlatans.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Naked at the airport: Portly Portland businessman strips to protest TSA

Naked at the airport: Portland businessman strips to protest TSA

Businessman John E. Brennan, naked
Businessman John E. Brennan, naked, at Portland International Airport on Tuesday night. (Brian Reilly / Associated Press / April 18, 2012)

Businessman John E. Brennan said he is so sick of being harassed by the TSA when he travels that he stripped down to his birthday suit at Portland International Airport on Tuesday night in protest.
And he wants you to do the same.

Reactions varied to Brennan's decision to remove all his clothes to prove that he was not carrying an explosive device -- or anything dangerous, for that matter -- beneath his clothing.

Parents reportedly shielded their children's eyes and looked away themselves. Some passengers
scattered to the other side of the room. Of course, someone took a picture. (You'll have to click here for a full length version of the above picture -- don't worry, there's a black bar over Brennan's bare rear -- because L.A. Times photo editors wouldn't let us use it on this post.)

The next photo the media received of Brennan, however, was his mug shot.

Authorities repeatedly asked Brennan to put his clothes back on. He was ultimately wrapped in a towel and then taken to Multnomah County Jail and booked on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure, according to Oregon's KTVZ TV.

Here's how the incident started, according to Oregon's KGW News, which interviewed Brennan about the ordeal:

Brennan, who identified himself as a businessman and frequent flier, was passing through security Tuesday night when he somehow set off one of TSA's security devices.

"The machine went off, and I asked what it was and he said 'nitrates,' which I know from Oklahoma City is one of the explosive ingredients," Brennan told KGW, "and I was not interested in being hassled so I took off my clothes to show them I was not carrying any explosives."

Brennan told KGW he hopes other Americans will follow suit.

"I don't think Americans can sit around and put up with this anymore. TSA needs to just do their job and not intimidate people."

Random observation: Brennan seems absolutely unfazed to find himself standing naked in the middle of PDX. Everyone else in that photo seems unfazed as well.

Two More Under Rated Fat Singers

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fattest Place On Earth

The US has some catching up to do. Nauru is officially the fattest country on earth. Americans can learn a lot from these gluttons.

The fattest industrialized country is Kuwait. Kuwaitis really know how to live. Citizens of Kuwait don't work. They hire servants. Kuwait has the highest per capita GDP of any country. America has the 2nd highest GDP.

Obesity is a sign of prosperity. We need to turn the economy around so that the US can once again be the fattest country on earth.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fat Girl Advancing Fat Acceptance Through Gaining, Gluttony and HAES

Fat Girl Advancing Fat Acceptance Through Gaining, Gluttony and HAES

Obese model Susanne Eman is saying 'Supersize Me' for real - in her bid to become the fattest woman ever.

The 52-stone bombshell aims to reach a whopping 115 stone, or 1,600lb, by guzzling at least 20,000 calories a day.

Susanne, 32, from Arizona, USA, hopes to pass the half-way milestone of 57 stones by the end of the year.
Weigh to go: Susanne Eman posing with her two sons, Gabriel, left, 16, and Brendin, right, 12, and their dog Sisco, 6, at their home in Casa Grande, Arizona,
Weigh to go: Gorgeous girl glutton Susanne Eman posing with her two sons, Gabriel, left, 16, and Brendin, right, 12, and their dog Sisco, 6, at their home in Casa Grande, Arizona

The single mother-of-two believes she's already overtaken former biggest mum Donna Simpson, 43, from New Jersey, who weighs 50 stones.
And Susanne - who is creating a stir among fans of 'Super Size Big Beautiful Women' (SSBBWs) - plans to increase her calorie-intake to keep gaining.

‘I'd love to find out if it's humanly possible to reach a ton,’ she said. ‘A previous record holder was 1,600lbs (115 stone) , so I have to be at least that. 

Little and large: Ms Eman poses back to back with her sister Cassie, 26
Little and large: Ms Eman poses back to back with her sister Cassie, 26

My next goal is to be 57 stone (800lbs) by the end of the year. At my current rate of growth, I should be 115 stone by age 41 or 42. Susanne visits the supermarket once a month with sons Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, and spends up to eight hours filling six trollies.

It's like a full day's work,’ said Susanne, who uses a motorised scooter, but astonishingly believes she can stay healthy. (HAES will do that!) She added: ‘The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. Why shouldn't I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?’

Susanne's bizarre mission began after she couldn't stop gaining weight naturally.
'Two years ago I hit 35 stone because I was losing my battle against weight gain,’ she said. I noticed I actually started attracting more men, and it made me feel good.

The unemployed mother - who cannot work because of her weight - claims she stays active by doing simple exercises and having regular health checks.

I go for a waddle and do stretches and exercises every day,’ she said. 'My muscles need to hold up to my weight, so I have to stay strong.

I take my blood pressure once a week, and every day, after I exercise, I take readings of my other vitals. I use a pulse oximeter to measure the concentration of oxygen in my blood stream.

And I take my blood sugar levels just like a diabetic. If either of the readings go above a certain level, I'll immediately contact my doctor for advice.

‘If I was to get sick, I've arranged for my sister to take care of my kids.
Supermarket sweep: Ms Eman spends an incredible eight hours stocking up for the month
Supermarket sweep: Ms Eman spends an incredible eight hours stocking up for the month
Heavy going: Ms Eman takes regular health checks, but insists getting bigger makes her feel better
Ms Eman is too heavy to go to work
Heavy going: Ms Eman takes regular health checks, left, but insists that the bigger she gets, the better she feels
She wasn't always obese: Ms Eman aged 19 years old with her two sons, Brendin Eman, centre, and Gabriel Eman, right, in 1998
She wasn't always obese: Ms Eman aged 19 with her two sons, Brendin, centre, and Gabriel, right, in 1998

‘I haven't gone near the danger zones yet though.’

Despite warnings from her doctor that her bizarre experiment could kill her, Susanne insists she wants to break the record. Dr Patrick Flite said: She's really playing Russian roulette with her life with this goal. There are well-documented complications that come with morbid obesity. I would never encourage anyone to be doing what Susanne is doing. Dr Flite said Susanne's medical checks showed no current problems, adding: She's capable of making her own decisions.  I don't see any psychiatric problems or anything else wrong. But Susanne admitted she's taken steps to protect her children in the future.

The boys do notice my diet and that I eat more each day,’ she said. I tell them that everybody likes different things. If I'm making something fatty and they want something healthy, then I make us different meals.

Susanne even acts as an online agony aunt for other potential SSBBWs. I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing, she said. I remind other fat people that it is OK for them to be that way. The message I want to get across is for people to accept others for who they are.


Breakfast: 6 x eggs scrambled, cooked in butter 468 cals. 1/2 pound bacon 1,168 cals, 4 x potatoes as hash browns 672 cals, 6 x pieces toast with butter 600 cals, 32 ounce cream shake 1,160 cals. Snacking 1 x bag of animal cookies 1,950 cals, 2litre bottle of soft drink 800 cals, 1 x 10.5 ounce bag of barbecue flavour crisps 1,650 cals, 3 x ham and cheese sandwiches 1,576 cals.

Lunch: 3 x beef, bean and green chilli burritos with 1 x cup of sour cream 1,453 cals. Salad (1 head lettuce, 1 cup cherry tomatoes, 1 cup carrots, 1 cucumber, 1/2 cup ranch dressing, bacon bits, 1 cup crumbled cheese, 1 cup chicken 1,479 cals.

Dinner: 12 x filled tacos + 1 x cup sour cream 4,906 cals, 2litre bottle of soda 800 cals, Dessert 8 x scoops vanilla ice cream 2,080 cals, 1 x small pan of brownies 1,200 cals.

Read more:

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Fatty Whose Binge Has Been Interrupted! A Pictorial essay

Don't even think about laying a finger on my Butterfinger!



I will eat you after you suck my man titties bitch!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Romney's Lies, They Just Keep On Coming

Mitt Romney lies more than any politician ever.  Newt Gingrich lies a lot but I can forgive him cause he's a fat guy and he's so good at it. Spermin Herman Cain lies but he makes a decent pizza and he gets a lot of tail. Romney has nothing going for him. He was a lousy governor and he's a job killer.
Let's start with these five whoppers and I don't mean Burger King's legendary burger.

Lie No. 1: He tries to perpetuate all the GOP lies about Obamacare while fact checkers show it and Romneycare are more alike than different.

Lie No. 2: “Obama wants to cut $1 trillion from military spending.” Truth: Obama has committed to less than half that amount, $450 billion over 10 years. Besides, the cuts were mandated as part of the deficit reduction agreement in August. Obama has strongly opposed any additional cuts.

Lie No. 3: Romney said, “This president has opened up no new markets for American goods in his three years.” Truth: Obama has signed three trade deals, one each with South Korea, Panama and Columbia. Bloomberg News called the South Korean deal as “the largest since the North American Trade Agreement in 1994.”

Lie No. 4: Romney said Obama has no jobs plan. It is no secret that he presented his jobs plan to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8.

Lie No. 5: In one of the last debates, Romney strongly insisted he would not negotiate with the Taliban to end the Afghan war. Henry Kissinger has strongly disagreed, and Eisenhower and Nixon did just that to end the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Bush and Secretary Gates said they sought to crush al-Qaida and negotiate a settlement with the Taliban. The Taliban are attacking our troops because they are there. Bin Laden is dead and al-Qaida is gone. Why are we still there, Mitt?

Romney's statements have all been sourced an fact checked by Politifact. He's been running his lying mouth today so there are probably a few more blantant lies.


Mostly True18(18)

Half True32(32)

Mostly False20(20)


Pants on Fire13(13)

Republican from Massachusetts 86 lies so far! 


Watch that weasel cock sucker Romney get nailed by hot lesbo Rachel Maddow. Did I mention that I Fat Bastard love lesbians?

Romney gets caught lying once again!