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Romney's Lies and Flip Flops on Gun Ownership

I, Fat Bastard, have always said, "vegetables are what food eats." I am also a card carrying member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)
Wild boar on a spit cooked to a turn,
Partridge out of a pear tree and in a blackberry pear sauce! YUM!
Rabbit prepared for roasting.

Romney's Lies and Flip Flops on Gun Ownership 

Romney has said "I support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution," though in past campaigns he has described himself as a proponent of gun control, and he fully supports a ban on assault weapons.

For Romney's 1994 US Senate campaign, he supported the Brady Bill, which imposed a five-day waiting period on gun sales, and a ban on particular semi-automatic rifles. In a 2002 debate during Romney's campaign for governor of Massachusetts, Romney said: "We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them. I won't chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety." 

As governor, Romney signed a 2004 measure instituting a permanent Massachusetts ban on military style assault weapons, to take the place of a Federal ban, which was then about to expire. The bill made Massachusetts the first state to enact its own such ban on specific semi-automatic weapons and some shotguns with specific accessories, and Romney supported the law with the comment: "These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people." As Governor, Romney extended the term of firearm licenses from four to six years, reinstated a 90-day grace period for citizens renewing their gun licenses, and signed a law providing free replacement licenses.

Romney is such an idiot. A semi automatic simply means that if you pull the trigger the gun will fire and reload the next round. In other word you don't have to cock the gun.
This is the AK 47 semi automatic version.
This is a semi automatic hunting rifle chambered in 308 caliber

The AK-47 round and the .308 round are almost identical. The AK-47 may look scary but the semiautomatic hunting rile equipped with a scope is more is even more deadly

When he supported the Brady Bill in 1994, Romney said, "That's not going to make me the hero of the NRA. I don't line up with the NRA." 

Just before declaring his candidacy for the 2008 Republican nomination for president, Romney sucked dick and joined the National Rifle Association (NRA).[ In 2005, Romney declared the 31st anniversary of the Gun Owners' Action League "Right to Bear Arms Day".

Romney made several statements in his 2008 campaign regarding his proficiency with and support for firearms:
"I've hunted a number of times, of various types of small rodents."

"Shooting rabbits single shot 22 is pretty hard."

Romney is full of crap. When you fire at a rabbit they run if you miss. Squirrels are another story. Romney is lying. He never hunted. A single shot .22 is perfectly suitable for rabbit hunting!
"I have a gun of my own. I go hunting myself. I'm a member of the NRA and believe firmly in the right to bear arms. In our state . . . there are a series of laws restricting gun ownership in various ways. Over the past four years, I've worked very closely with the Gun Owners' Action League here, which is an affiliate of the NRA, and we've made some changes which I think they feel have been positive steps. And so you are going to see that, I think, hopefully, in other states as well, as they make progress, perhaps further than Massachusetts has."

"So I'm a hunter and believe in Second Amendment rights, but I also believe that assault weapons are not needed in the public population."

Romney later said that he did not 'own' a gun and said that one of his sons keeps two guns at the family vacation home in Utah.

The Associated Press reported in April 2007 that Romney never sought a hunting license in any of the four states where he has resided. Romney replied by saying that he mainly hunts small game in Utah, which he said does not require a license. He lied about that too. Small Game License For Utah  It looks like Romney broke the law again or lied or both.


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Stats For Bigger Fatter Politics

I, Fat Bastardo am pleased to announced that Bigger Fatter Politics is growing rapidly in readership.,s,FFFFFF00&chxl=1:|May+2008|November+2009|June+2010|December+2011|June+2012&chxp=0,2000,4000|1,0,25,50,75,100&chxr=0,0,4000&chxs=0,676767,11.5,0,t,676767|1,6AA9E6,12,0,l,676767&chxt=y,x&chs=416x180&cht=lc&chco=6AA9E6&chd=s:AAAAAAAAAAAAABFHLPPQTTSkt5&chls=3&chm=B,6AA9E664,0,0,0|h,E7E7E7,0,0.5,1,-1|h,AAAAAA,0,0,1,1|h,AAAAAA,0,1,1,1|V,E7E7E7,0,0,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,6,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,13,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,19,1,-1|V,E7E7E7,0,26,1,-1
Our numbers are skyrocketing.  This sort of growth is unprecedented in the Blogosphere. As many of you know, a group of angry fat girls flagged Bigger Fatter Blog and Google placed a bullshit content warning on it but because this is a political blog Google will not fuck with it. Bigger Fatter Blog still receives a healthy flow of traffic but I did not want our readers and future readers thinking there was something sordid on Bigger Fatter Blog. If you want sordid porn there are plenty of sites like that such as Dimensions.

Thank you for your continued support. Bigger Fatter Politics continues to strive to give your its legendary fat centric slant and food centric slant on the body politic.
A perfect pear!

For this achievement Bigger Fatter Politics has been given the Dr Bear Perfect Pear Award.

On behalf of our staff and reporters and commentators this is Fat Bastard reminding you all to EAT!

UPDATE: Bigger Fatter Politics Stats As of 10/24/2013 

Given these impressive numbers I would warn all politicians especially Republican slime that the power of the independent press can destroy your phony baloney careers. That said, stop taking bribes and stop lying and start giving a shit about America.  Independent journalists are not beholding to your corporate masters. Keep that in mind SLIME!

Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month 2
Pageviews all time history 34,
UPDATE!  Page views 4/3/2014

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Due to some help from some fat SEO geeks Bigger Fatter Politics experienced another HUGE spike in traffic.

Graph of Blogger page views

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Attention all you lying sack of shit politicians, pundits and fat feminists; Bigger Fatter Politics has the power to wreck your careers. Next time you think about lying, Bigger Fatter Politics is watching. With that in mind, you might as well start telling the truth.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Obesity Industrial Complex

I will not be commenting on this. I hope that Dr Bear can find the time to make sense of this. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I am truly confused. OINK!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romney’s pants on fire

Eugene Robinson
Eugene Robinson
Opinion Writer 

Introduction by Fat Bastard 

Since I, Fat Bastard do not posses the eloquence and style of Eugene Robinson all I will say is that Romney is a lying sack of shit and hen it comes to lying sacks of shit Romney wins the gold medal. Mr Robinson explain in great detail some of Romney's lies.

Romney’s pants on fire

There are those who tell the truth. There are those who distort the truth. And then there’s Mitt Romney.

Every political campaign exaggerates and dissembles. This practice may not be admirable — it’s surely one reason so many Americans are disenchanted with politics — but it’s something we’ve all come to expect. Candidates claim the right to make any boast or accusation as long as there’s a kernel of veracity in there somewhere.

Even by this lax standard, Romney too often fails. Not to put too fine a point on it, he lies. Quite a bit.
“Since President Obama assumed office three years ago, federal spending has accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history,” Romney claims on his campaign Web site. This is utterly false. The truth is that spending has slowed markedly under Obama.

An analysis published last week by MarketWatch, a financial news Web site owned by Dow Jones & Co., compared the yearly growth of federal spending under presidents going back to Ronald Reagan. Citing figures from the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office, MarketWatch concluded that “there has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear.”

Quite the contrary: Spending has increased at a yearly rate of only 1.4 percent during Obama’s tenure, even if you include some stimulus spending (in the 2009 fiscal year) that technically should be attributed to President George W. Bush. This is by far the smallest — I repeat, smallest — increase in spending of any recent president. (The Washington Post’s Fact Checker concluded the spending increase figure should have been 3.3 percent.)

In Bush’s first term, by contrast, federal spending increased at an annual rate of 7.3 percent; in his second term, the annual rise averaged 8.1 percent. Reagan comes next, in terms of profligacy, followed by George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and finally Obama, the thriftiest of them all.
The MarketWatch analysis was re-analyzed by the nonpartisan watchdogs at Politifact who found it “Mostly True” — adding the qualifier because some of the restraint in spending under Obama “was fueled by demands from congressional Republicans.” Duly noted, and if Romney wants to claim credit for the GOP, he’s free to do so. But he’s not free to say that “federal spending has accelerated” under Obama, because any way you look at it, that’s a lie.

Another example: Obama “went around the Middle East and apologized for America,” Romney said in March. “You know, instead of apologizing for America he should have stood up and said that as the president of the United States we all take credit for the greatness of this country.” That’s two lies for the price of one. Obama did not, in fact, go around the Middle East, or anywhere else, apologizing for America. And he did, on many occasions, trumpet American greatness and exceptionalism.
Romney offers few specifics, but the conservative Heritage Foundation published a list of “Barack Obama’s Top 10 Apologies” — not one of which is an apology at all.

One alleged instance is a speech Obama gave to the Turkish parliament in 2009, in which he said the United States “is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history . . . [and] still struggles with the legacies of slavery and segregation, the past treatment of Native Americans.” If the folks at Heritage and at the Romney campaign don’t know that this is a simple statement of fact, they really ought to get out more.

Romney does single out the following Obama statement from a 2009 interview: “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” Romney says this acknowledgment — that others might have as much national pride as we do — means Obama doesn’t really believe in American exceptionalism at all.

But in the same interview, Obama went on to say he was “enormously proud of my country and its role and history in the world,” and to tout U.S. economic and military might as well as the nation’s “exceptional” democratic values. So he should be accused of chest-thumping, not groveling.
I could go on and on, from Romney’s laughable charge that Obama is guilty of “appeasement” (ask Osama bin Laden) to claims of his job-creating prowess at Bain Capital. He seems to believe voters are too dumb to discover what the facts really are — or too jaded to care.
On both counts, I disagree.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fatlings Put Unsustainable Pressure On Planet's Resources

The following story is a pack of lies created by fat haters. Oink angrily fellow fatlings!

(And Their Excess Weight Would ‘Fill A Lake')

A new study shows that the increase in the average weight of populations is helping to put unsustainable pressure on the world’s natural resources.

According to new research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal BMC Public Health, the adult human population weighs in at 287 million tonnes - 18.5 million of which comes from overweight and obese individuals.

"This isn't a personal attack on fatness. In our study we're demonstrating this is a political problem," says Professor Ian Roberts who led the research at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
fat people

"I feel sorry for people in rich countries, where in order to maintain a health body mass index, you’ve almost got to starve yourself, because the environment encourages fatness."
Roberts argues that rather than focusing on obesity, we should turn our attention to rising levels of 'fatness'.

"Thin people are getting fatter. If you're the thinest person in the office now, you'll still be fatter than the thinnest person would have been 10 years ago."

"You've got to live simply so others can simply live," he adds. "We’re on a small planet and are eating our own life support system."

The primary threat to food security remains the consumption of resource-intensive food by wealthy nations, such as meat, Roberts confirms. But he maintains that tackling population weight is also crucial for food security and ecological sustainability.

As the study’s authors pointed out at the Cheltenham Science Festival, if the whole world slimmed down through liposuction our excess fat would fill a lake the size of Derwent’s Water, reports The Times.
steak dinner

According to Professor John Mathers, director of the
Human Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle University body mass is the first indicator of how much food a person will consume.
“The bottom line is that increasing obesity does have major consequences for demand for food and therefore impacts on food security.”

“Because heavier people need more energy to fuel their larger body mass they consume more food than the equivalent lean person. Some fatter people may consume more energy-dense foods, such as foods that are rich in fat and/or sugar and low in water, but this is secondary to their consumption of more food."

Mathers suggests countries can mitigate the danger by preventing obesity, while reducing food waste and the consumption of animal-derived foods.

According to the study, the average body mass globally is 62kg.
In their league table of body mass, North America has the highest of any continent, with an average of 80.7kg.

While North America has only 6% of the world’s population, it has 34% of the world’s biomass mass due to obesity. In contrast Asia has 61% of the world’s population but only 13% of the world’s biomass due to obesity.

Despite our relatively small population, the UK came in 18th in the chart, taking up 1.3 kg of the world's biomass. Our average adult body mass is 167lb 2oz (75.8kg) and the British adult population is 30lb 7oz (13.8kg) fatter than the rest of the world.

Please leave your angry oinks and express your outrage!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dr Gerald Bear Views Venus Crossing The Face Of The Sun

For those of you who don't know "Dr" Bear let me give you a brief intro.  Teddy Bear is a blogger, cartoonist, political activist, obese somata type expert, social critic, fat rights advocate and now an astronomer.  With the use of a few items for the hardware store and a used telescope Teddy produced some outstanding celestial photos of the planet Venus crossing the sun.
Looking jaunty a fat and professorial "Dr:" Gerald "Teddy" Bear focuses his telescope and sun viewer on the celestial event.

To see more stop by his Biggest Fattest Blog See Venus and the Sun

Teddy went to his favorite Starbucks and set up his instruments and captured the earth's twin and it's path across the sun. I would have to think that the patrons at Starbucks were thrilled to see the event as it happened thanks to Teddy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dr Oz Show On Pro Ana Shamelessly Panders to Fat Girls

The CDC's ORD lists anorexia as a rare disease. There are less than 200,000 people with anorexia nervosa in the use and less than 100 deaths. There is NO proof that pro ana sites cause anorexia nervosa. AN is genetic and organic. Most of the girls who go on the Pro Ana sites are bulimics who either suffer from anxiety and or personality disorders than manifest themselves as a need for control.  Most of them are vain fat girls who will not accept and embrace their gluttony and food lust and try as they might they we never be light.

Dr Oz aired a show bashing the Pro Ana movement. The theme of the show seemed to suggest that visiting these sites can cause a person to come down with anorexia nervosa. I, Fat Bastard along with millions of other fat guys are on those sites all the time to look at pictures of those hot skinny chicks and none of us have lost an ounce. What happens is we drool and since it is tough for fat guys to get laid we eat and beat off.

OK Dr Oz, give us the facts on the death toll from pro ana and then tell us how many of us fatlings eat ourselves to a glorious death. The reason you don't attack the pro gluttony and pro obesity sites is that fat girls make up 90% of your audience. Fat girls swoon over skinny guys like Dr Oz and I suspect he's porking a fat girl.  Let's see if Dr Oz has the balls to go after the fat acceptance movement. I doubt if he has the belly to tangle with the likes of Marylin Wann and dog faced gremlin Kate Harding, Let's see Dr Oz go after the Fierce Fatties or or Big Fat Blog.
Men want to see her and fat girls want to be her!
Katie Rickel PhD (Piled higher and Deeper)  wrote a bullshit article on Dr Oz's site.

Katie is a thinling but she must be competitive. She's a bit of a butter face and perhaps she's jealous of other ana's like these thinsporational hunnies who have angelic faces and hot bodies.

Get your facts straight Dr Oz! I bet that your producers are a bunch of fat girls who hate skinny girls. Go to the CDC's site get the facts on anorexia nervosa before you make another mountain out of another mole hill.
Another target of jealous fat girls.
MeMe Roth, yet another target of fat girl jealousy
Hot thingling laying across Belly Boy's belly

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fat Woman Goes Out In A Blaze Of Glory

Crematorium Fire

An obese corpse may have caused a fire that nearly destroyed an Austrian crematorium.
Investigators believe that the mid-April blaze in Graz began when large amounts of burning fat from a 440-pound woman's body blocked an air filter, which in turn caused the filter system to overheat, Fox News reports.

Firefighters were able to control the blaze by blasting water through the crematorium's vents, according to the Daily Mail, but not before the fire had already done enough damage to keep the crematorium shut down for several days.

The firemen left the scene coated in layers of black, greasy soot.

Former Graz fire chief Otto Widestchek says it's time for Austria to start building special crematoria that are equipped to handle the risks of cremating obese bodies, according to the Herald Sun. In Switzerland, Widetschek points out, at least one such facility exists.

Fat Bastard's Op Ed

Chief Otto Widestcheck is a wise man.  Just like we fatlings need super sized  medical equipment, cars, toilets, chairs, airliner seats meals, ect.. we also need super sized crematoriums. While it may have been a spectacular way for a fatling to leave this world the family of this Austrian fat girl may have found this situation disturbing. 

When I, Fat Bastard, die I want my blubber sucked out and made into candles and have my fans light one on the anniversary of my demise. Others may want to be eviscerated into ash so we need to super size all crematoria.  For now we need to cremate fatlings piecemeal -- 200 pounds at a time.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How America Works: A flow Chart

The following is a a flow chart of how America works. The only change I would make is I would add medical industrial complex along side military industrial complex.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fat People's Most Pressing Political Demands: Bigger Toilets
Fat rights mean toileting rights. No more clogged toilets and no more double and triple flushing! No more overflowing toilets! No more desperate calls to the Joe the Plumber! No more mess and exhausting toilet plunging. Super sized folks need super sized toilets for their super sized turds.