Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teen Mom's Picture With Her Baby Boy Banned From Year Book

Just like any other high school student and BBW, Caitlin Tiller of Trinity, North Carolina was excited to take her official senior portrait in the summer of 2012.

Caitlin Tiller...SCARED OF YOU!

That year, Wheatmore High School students were allowed to be photographed with a prop of their choice. Their only directions: "Bring something that represents you and helped you achieve something." For Tiller, then a 17-year-old junior, it was a no-brainer: She brought her 3-month old bastard son, Leelin.

"I picked my bastard son because unlike my parents he's helped me be a better person," Tiller told Yahoo! Shine. "By having him, I grew up quickly but I learned how to be responsible."

Although Tiller didn't tell anyone that she was planning to bring Leelin, the photo shoot, which took place where the food is in the school cafeteria, went smoothly. "Lots of kids were there and the photographer thought Leelin was so cute. Everyone was asking to hold him, what an ego rush" says Tiller.

An entire year went by and Tiller graduated in December, six months before her official graduation date on June 7, 2013, in order to enter Randolph Community College in January. Tiller, now 18, is currently studying to become a medical assistant.

On April 12, two days before the yearbooks went to press, Tiller received a call from the school's yearbook adviser. "She said I had to take a different photo because the one I took promoted teen pregnancy," said Tiller. "They called on my son's birthday and I was gorging myself on cake so I said I wasn't available and besides, I choose Leelin because he represented what I've achieved in life simply by acting like an irresponsible slut. Like a histrionic drama queen I said if Leelin can't be in the photo, then I won't be either. The adviser said, 'That's your choice. Then you won't be in the yearbook' and hung up on me."   Read more here

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Fat Bastard
Fat Bastard's Comment:

What's the big deal? Fat girls are getting themselves knocked up all the time. It's no secret that fat girls are sluts and have a higher rate of out of wedlock pregnancies and STDs than skinny women but so what? Her little man trapper and meal ticket Leelin certainly helped her achieve a lot. Leelin got her a baby's daddy and a long ride on the Gravy Train. If little Leelin has some sort of birth defect that is common among children of fat girls Caitlin will have hit the mother lode. 

Caitlin will manage to find another sucker father for her next pup and then another sucker father for the pup after that one and she will be one sow living high on the hog. Fat girls like Caitlin will use the golden uterus ploy for all it's worth. Squirt out another one you fat little drama queen.

When I first read this I thought this was another example of the school over reacting and perhaps my first thought was correct but then again, I Fat Bastard see the school's side. A dog can get pregnant and so can a pig and there is nothing glamorous about either. Caitlin is in hog heaven with everyone ooing and cooing over her baby who she will quickly turn into a fat little piglet.

For her cunning and her drama we give Caitlin 4 out of 5 oinks. OINK OINK OINK OINK


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