Saturday, May 18, 2013

Welcome Jenna Talia: Bigger Fatter Politic's Newest Reporter and Researcher

Root and ye shall find. Oink and the door will open.  Squeal and it shall be given.

I, Fat Bastard, can probably add another truism or two to what I just said such as good things come to those who wait or patience is a virtue. We are always looking for talented reporters and stringers who can contribute to Bigger Fatter Politics. We have our science editor, politcal analyst, cartoonist and Renaissance man Dr. Gerald Teddy Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog, we have Rotunda Hindenburg our resident angry man hating fat feminist reporter and commentator along with social critic and expert on just about everything the incomparable Belly Boy. Bigger Fatter Politics is blessed with the best and brightest reporters and journalists on the planet and just when I thought things couldn't get any better I, Fat Bastard received an email along with the resume and curriculum vitae of one Jenna Talia. Jenna asked me, Fat Bastard, if I Fat Bastard would allow her to submit some articles for my approval and publication on Bigger Fatter Politics. After reading a sample of her work I, Fat Bastard was bowled over by the high journalistic standards, professionalism and the punchy style evident in her work. In spite of the fact that Jenna recently graduated from one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the United States her work displays a degree of professionalism and seasoned writing of veteran journalists eg, David Brinkley, Walter Conkite, Edward R Murrow, that is rarely seen these days. It gets even better. Jenna Talia is one of those rare slender women and like many slender women Jenna has been the victim of cruel persecution by fat girls. Because Bigger Fatter Politics is fair and balanced and has the highest journalistic standards we're delighted to be able to present Jenna's insight into the issues.

For privacy reasons I cannot post Jenna's resume and cover letter but I can post a public comment which she left introducing herself right here on Bigger Fatter Politics.

Jenna writes: See the article and comments by clicking here.

Hi there Fat Bastard you Fat Bastard,

I have been reading your blogs with great interest. I have burst into tears reading your articles because I was so moved by emotion that someone was standing you for us slender and waifish women. Fat girls are just plain mean and since we normal girls are outnumbered ad outweighed by them we are thrilled to have a champion like you defending us from this angry mob of waif haters.

I have sent you an email with my complete bio and I ask if you might consider allowing me to submit article for your approval for publication for your blogs

I responded with the following:

Miss Talia,

I Fat Bastard have read your email and your resume and I can see no reason for you not to send articles for publication on our fat acceptance sites. I was so impressed by your cresentials and cirruculum vitae that I would be pleased to advise you in how to create your own site dedicated to protecting skinny girls from these dreadful war beasts.

Also thank you for the photo you included. Even though you were fully clothed in it I, Fat Bastard get hard just thinking about it.

You will be a great addition to the Bigger Fatter Political family.

The above comment was a response to an article I had written regarding the epidemic of self-hatred among fat girls. Jenna pointed out that like their blubber spilling over onto skinny passengers on airplanes and other public transportation, their hatred spills out onto attractive slender women as much as it does on to fat man and men in general. While I, fat bastard was aware of the persecution of slender women by angry self hating fat girls, I, fat bastard could not fully appreciate the impact this has on fat girls. All of us at bigger fatter politics are thrilled to have Jenna Talia as a member of our team and the bigger fatter politics family. Jenna's insight, professionalism and life experiences will help round out the journalistic mix of bigger fatter politics.

Welcome aboard Jenna Talia. 

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